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Daily GOLD Forecast – 26.4.2024

In the realm of #GOLD, additional signs pointing towards a potential decline in quotes may arise from testing the resistance line on the relative strength index (RSI) and witnessing a breakout from the upper border of the bearish channel. However, if prices surge beyond 2380 by April 26, 2024, indicating a breakdown in resistance, anticipate further growth towards 2425. Conversely, expect an acceleration in the decline of XAU/USD quotes upon breaking through the support area and achieving closing prices below 2280.

Anticipate an initial effort towards a price correction, testing the resistance area near 2335, followed by sustained declines in non-ferrous metal quotations targeting levels below 2210. However, if prices breach above 2380, it would nullify the bearish outlook, signaling a potential rise towards 2425.